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Audiophile [ aw´-di-o-fyl ] 1. A person who loves high fidelity audio, 2. A person who loves playing with audio equipment.

Musicophile [ miu´-z
I-co-fyl ] 1. A person who loves music, 2. A person who loves playing music.

The Discover pages are mostly for musicophiles. As I personally discover new music and new recordings, I'll be posting the highlights of those discoveries here. They may not necessarily be the latest releases, in fact, it's more likely these new discoveries are just new to me. There's so much out there that a lifetime isn't enough to listen to it all. If you're inspired by something you've just found, pass on your hot new discoveries in return. Note that the Discover pages are linked with [art]by[odo]. That’s where you can make new discoveries and add your thoughts.

It’s also the place for the latest (II) buzz and other thoughts.

Click back often.

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