Installation & Optimization Service

Installation is currently being offered for only the cost of travel expenses, the service charge is free.

Experience has taught me that custom calibration of the Parallel Audio system is important to achieve maximum performance. Each speaker is individually calibrated and tested before delivery, so there's a good chance that you could set them up and be good to go from the start. The setup is not extremely complicated nor is it hypercritical. The standard settings and recommended placement will provide very satisfactory results. It's really a matter of how critically you listen. You may want the system calibrated specifically to your listening room or your personal taste. Usually it's the bottom couple of octaves that need adjusting to specific rooms. The installation service will save you countless hours of stabbing in the dark, fiddling and tweaking. For the critical listener custom calibration is recommended.

The entire installation process takes about four hours from unpacking, setting up, testing and calibration, to the final listening checks. Those of you with the time, test signals, and a calibrated SPL meter, these subtle balance adjustments can be done in a couple of hours. Those who would rather have it done for you, I'll be glad to assist. It's best to be present during the installation. Your input is needed, plus you'll learn about the calibration process and acquire a better understanding of your system.

Sometimes other issues arise during installation. Ground loops are not uncommon. Often they can be remedied simply with a ground loop isolator. Room related problems can be diagnosed as well. If you have any questions, please email. Thanks.

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