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Parallel Audio offers affordable high performance, omnidirectional, active loudspeaker systems for two–channel stereo & multichannel home theater. Designed by a musicophile for musicophiles who care about the sound they're putting in their ears.
Primary features :
  • active crossover & equalization, with digital signal processor.
  • bi/tri–amplification, user selected external amps.
  • premium Seas & Peerless drivers, low distortion/high power handling.
  • low Qtc sealed acoustic suspension cylindrical enclosures, low resonance, high damping, excellent transients.
  • omnidirectional point source dispersion pattern, superior polar response & power response.

In a nutshell, all that jargon translates into natural, clean, clear music.

If today's technology were capable of producing the entire audible spectrum from a single massless point, we'd have the perfect acoustic transducer. Technology is nowhere near the realization of that goal. So then, how can an electrical signal be converted into acoustic energy accurately? Theories abound; this site explores the possibilities.

not about Audio

Parallel Audio is not about building the "best" speaker, or the most "accurate" speaker, or the most fill-in-the-blank speaker. It's not about throwing money at the problem. It's not about building bigger, or more impressive, or more and more whatever. It's not about mysterious actions or quantum effects. And most of all, it's not about making claims that cannot be supported without ample evidence.

at the heart of Audio

Parallel Audio is about presenting the complexities of high fidelity audio simply and directly. The same simple and direct approach was squarely aimed at the design of the Parallel Audio loudspeaker system.

Of course, it is all about music. I was driven to learn about audio from my background in music and from my personal desire to understand not only the emotional side of music, but also the scientific side. Music listening is the end goal, but music reproduction is not a musical issue, it's a technical issue grounded in science.

Parallel Audio loudspeakers are designed around the laws of physics and form-follows-function aesthetics. A great deal of research, reading and listening went into developing the system. I questioned everything I learned, every common assumption, every convention, and every note of music I heard during the listening tests until all of it could be validated. After carefully weighing the plusses & minuses at each step of the exploration process, the end result produced a loudspeaker system that seriously outperforms the seventeen thousand dollar high-end speakers I had while working on the system. The explanation of how and why this is possible is shown throughout the site.

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For more detailed information click on In Depth. From the In Depth menu, the Knowledge Base pages contain important material for understanding the theory of loudspeaker design. The story about how Parallel Audio puts theory into practice is found in the Development pages. Other related topics on home audio can be accessed from the Observations pages. Click on Info for auditions, pricing, contact, links, and the only current online audio surveys. And because the music matters, see the Discover page for mini music reviews interspersed with the latest (II) bits & pieces.

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