System Dedicated Subwoofer

The PX30 is a dedicated subwoofer specifically designed and calibrated to produce the lowest audible octave for the Parallel Audio Project. Because it is dedicated to the Project, there is no need for complicated setup and calibration. The Project and its subwoofer operate together as a single unit, seamlessly integrated.


The Project can be used without the sub with satisfying results in small rooms. Medium to larger rooms and music with significant low frequency content, such as full orchestra and most popular genres, benefit by the addition of a sub. Of course, a subwoofer is absolutely necessary for home theater setups, especially on action movies.

Project S.2

A single PX30 can be used to sum the low frequency information from both left and right main channels. A pair preserves left/right stereo separation throughout the audible spectrum, but more critically, produces a more even in-room bass response. Whether single or pair, the PX30 uses the same DSP/crossover as the SP18M. It can easily be set for either configuration allowing you to start out with one sub, then upgrade later. Personal preference or room related adjustments can be made through the DSP in seconds. This gives the user a range of control that is not possible with other systems or the typical subwoofer with built-in amp and crossover.

Although smaller cubical subs may seem more convenient and less conspicuous, their small size requires huge amounts of power and more equalization to achieve a full 20 Hz extension with a flat frequency response. Unfortunately, in reality they rarely do, and on top of that, transients are poor and distortion levels high—really only useful for the LFE (low frequency effects) on movies. Producing high quality bass for music requires a low Q sub. There's no cheating the laws of physics—the air volume of a large enclosure is required. Boxes are also prone to panel resonances that add undesirable frequencies not found in the original recording. The forces inside subwoofers are extremely high, which make it very costly to build a box strong enough to constrain panel vibrations. The PX30's cylindrical enclosure is very rigid, eliminating panel resonances. It's large enough to provide a very low Q for excellent transients, lower power usage, less equalization, lower distortion and a real 20 Hz response.

Few floorstanding speakers actually deliver strong, balanced, clean bass below 40 Hz, many barely do 50 Hz. The need for the lowest frequencies may not be immediately apparent, but once you've experienced linear, full spectrum audio, there is no turning back.

Why stereo bass : Two Subwoofers? Naturally!

In depth info about the PX30 can be found by clicking on PX30 Design.

Project S.2 shown with SP15c & DSP/amps/power distributer rack mounted

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Description active acoustic suspension subwoofer
Driver 1 - 12" Peerless SWR 308 - downfiring
Enclosure Volume
45.5 L / Qtc 0.43
Digital Crossover
80 Hz - 8th order Linkwitz/Riley 48 dB per octave
Power Rating 120 watts min./ 250 watts cont./ 500 watts max.
Impedance 8 ohm nom., 3.5 ohm min.
AVR/AVP Crossover N/A
Room Size & Placement suitable for typical room sizes up to approximately — 140 kl / 5000 cubic ft. or 6m x7.5m x3m / 20'x25'x10'

position next to or behind the SP18M

Frequency Response
Sensitivity n/a
82.5cm x 38.1cm / 32.5" x 15.0"
21.4 kg / 47 lbs.

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